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Wrist Guards

Wrist Guards

Wrist Guards

If you're thinking "I'm not sleeping so well during the night because I wake up and I have to shake my hands or lean them off the bed." Or: "Gee, when I drive for long periods of time, my hands seem to go numb." Or "Gosh, my hand when it's on the cell phone and I'm talking for awhile, it just doesn't feel right." You probably have carpal tunnel. An easy thing to do is to buy yourself a set of what are called rollerblade wrist guards and they bring the wrist up like this *Demonstrates*. They're nylon and they're plastic. They can be found online and they can be found in sporting goods stores. You'll think: "I should wear them during the day." But in reality you should wear them at night and the reason is that by resting the nerves, tendons, and the inflammation at night, you'll improve the daytime symptoms too.

Doctor Profile

Kurt Schroeder, MD


Certified by the American Board of Neurological Surgery

Chief of Neurosurgery at St. Joseph’s Hospital

Former Chief of Surgery at Tucson Medical Center

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